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With over 16 years of experience as a professional badminton player, I’ve always known I’d want to transition from player to coach. As a player I’m committed and tenacious, but fair. The same can be said for my coaching style. I started coaching in 2010, to understand badminton from a new perspective and to become the dedicated, rounded coach I am today. Someone who can identify that every player needs something different, and to know what that difference is.

Whilst my knowledge of badminton is second-to-none, it’s knowing how to pass this information to individuals and players that will truly make the difference as a coach. I know what it takes to get the most out of each individual player, no matter their objectives. Whether you’re a novice who wants to gain new skills, a club player looking to develop to the next level, or someone who has Olympic ambitions, I’m here to listen and work with you.

You might be at the beginning of your badminton journey or need to finesse skills you’ve already harnessed as a player. Ultimately though, the key is to enjoy the game. We learn faster when we enjoy what we’re doing. That enjoyment translates to motivation, to keep us wanting more. Badminton is a sport that everyone can play and fall in love with. It’s the most popular racket sport in England and the second most played sport in the world. It is an extremely fast paced game, with the fastest smash recorded at 265mph.

My knowledge, skills and development are a testament to my own coaches over the years. It truly is amazing how we can excel when we truly commit and apply ourselves. Coaching is about finding the best way to suit the individual. One size doesn’t fit all, but instead we work together to understand one another and tailor an approach that suits you. It’s important that my coaching adapts to truly hone your badminton skills and progress your individual development.

Who am I? Originally from Surrey and now based in Milton Keynes, I have always enjoyed sport. At the age of ten I picked up a badminton racket and haven’t put it down since. I worked hard, with a quick but deserved progression within the sport and after two years of playing, I was one of the best players in Europe. I didn’t know the rules of the game when I started. My success proves anything is possible, especially when you have the right coach to rely on.

In 2005 my professional career began, since then I’ve represented Team GB and England at every level, including medals at the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, European Games and European Championships. I’m proud of the fact I’ve competed at all major tournaments in badminton. I’ve met and played against some of the greatest players ever.

Throughout my badminton career I have translated my passion and drive into success on the court. Whilst I have been fortunate enough to do so, I can’t deny it’s hard work and trust in coaches that has made the difference. I now want to put that passion and drive into world-class coaching and give back what I have learnt to others, to keep people playing and more so, increase the number of us playing badminton in the UK.



William Villeger

Chris is a great coach! A very good attitude that makes players want to surpass themselves. He shares his knowledge and gives everything he has to advance and pull people up to be better! A chance to train with him! ;)

Chloe Birch

Having watched Chris Langridge transition from a World Class Badminton player into an exceptional coach, his passion for inspiring and coaching the next generation is clearly his calling. The detail into his session plans and the enthusiasm he brings to wanting every single player in his training session to improve is what makes him a great coach for all abilities. I would recommend Chris Langridge’s badminton coaching to anyone that wants to improve their badminton ability but also have some fun along the way!

Anne Tran

Chris has not been my coach for long, but the work and dedication he shows assures me that I will grow as a player. He lives your badminton as if it were his own… we know him as a player, he was intense. Without putting pressure on you, he encourages and wants you to get the best out of yourself